Frequently Asked Questions

Weekdays: 5 pm – 9 pm
Weekends: 1 pm. – 9 pm

We see 3 month olds up to 21 years of age. Currently, we recommend that parents with babies under 2 months of age discuss their child’s symptoms with his/her primary care provider before you take your child to an emergency room.

Our staff includes pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants with pediatric experience. New clinicians must meet a set of requirements that demonstrate their expertise in pediatrics.

Click here for an up-to-date list of the insuranc plans we carry. If we do not currently carry your insurance, you are welcome to still come and receive a 30% discount off our self-pay fee of $120 for a medical visit.

We strongly encourage you to sign in online.  Walk-Ins are discouraged.  Exceptions will be made for critically sick or injured children who need to be transferred to the emergency room immediately.

No, we do not provide advice over the phone. Our staff will occasionally call you before you arrive to learn more about your child’s condition and determine if the emergency room is a better choice at that time. We encourage you to call your primary care physician’s after-hours phone line or insurance nurse line for assistance if you have questions about your child’s condition.

PediaClinic is less expensive and, in many cases, has more pediatric expertise than your local Urgent Care Clinic. Your total bill and co-pay are typically one third the cost of an emergency room visit. During peak hours on the weekend or during flu season, wait times are longer than usual. During long wait times, you will have the option to leave and receive a call when the clinician is available to see you.

At the time of service, we will verify your insurance and estimate your URGENT CARE patient responsibility. This may be in the form of a co-pay towards your deductible or co-insurance.  We will collect this estimate at check-in. The remainder of the charges are submitted to your insurance. Self Pay patients are charged a $110 upfront fee for their visit. The fee covers all services.

PediaClinic does not have x-ray services at this time. We can see most strains, sprains and minor fractures and we will send you to a local x-ray facility if needed. 

Our retail-based clinic in Highlands Ranch has a space for x-ray equipment. We plan to build that out in the months ahead. 

A summary of the evaluation diagnosis and plan will be faxed to your primary care provider’s office soon after your visit.  

PediaClinic will call your physician and arrange for your child to be admitted to the hospital chosen by you and your PCP.

Because we are a convenient care facility, no referral is necessary to be seen in the clinic.

No, we do not. We will give flu shots and tetanus shots when appropriate.  We will communicate back to your PCP for any follow-up your child may need following your after-hours visit.  If your family doesn’t have a PCP, we will help you make an informed decision about where to go for the best pediatric care.  

We will fax the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice prior to your leaving the clinic. We have all of the local 24 hour pharmacies on file  to allow you to pick up your medicine on the way home.

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Need An X-Ray?

We don't have x-ray available at this time but can see most bumps, bruises and sprains.  We'll make arrangements for an x-ray nearby if we deem it to be necessary.